Operation Face Off

Operation Face Off is a free-to-play modern multiplayer shooter that focuses on fast-paced 3v3 action in a variety of environments on Nintendo Switch. Quickly hop in with two other allies and fight against three other opponents in a variety of maps, online or in private matches.

Operation Face Off has a variety of gamemodes including Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch, Domination, and Gun Game. "Team Deathmatch," offers 3v3 fast action where two teams compete to reach the score limit by getting kills. "Deathmatch," is a free for all where 6 players each fight for themselves to reach the score limit. "Domination," is a fast paced 3v3 objective gamemode where two teams fight over 3 flags holding a flag gives your team score and the team to reach the score limit first wins. "Gun Game," pits 6 players against each other as they are tasked with getting a kill with every weapon. Once you obtain a kill your current weapon is swapped for the next one in the ladder. Other gamemodes will be brought in later.

Operation Face Off was designed exclusively for the Nintendo Switch to maximize frame rates as well as delivering a visually clear game. Designed to hit 720p 60FPS in handheld mode as well as have comfortable controls for docked Joy-Cons. Docked mode allows the game to run at 1080p 60fps. Both Switch modes will offer great visual clarity as well as tight and comfortable controls.

Operation Face Off is designed to be accessible to both casual and more experienced FPS players, providing fun to players with a wide variety of play-styles. Operation Face Off is built using Unity 2019 by Indie Game Developer Studio NorfleetWorks.

Estimated release window: Q4 2021