The Final Stand: Breakout Intel

We are excited to share a ton more information on The Final Stand: Breakout. On this blog we will talk about basic gameplay details, game vision, current features, early access, next-gen console release, and more!

Gameplay Details

[*] Wave based survival

[*] Fight against hordes of infected with each wave increasing in difficulty

[*] Infinite waves

[*] Can survive till you drop or escape

[*] Infected

[*] Health increases every round capping at round 31

[*] Movement and attack speed increase every round capping at round 31

[*] Capped health that allows weapons to stay useful and prevent bullet sponge enemies

[*] Provide cash on wound and death

[*] Small chance of dropping power-ups

[*] In-game Economy

[*] Earn cash by wounding/killing infected

[*] Can be used to buy weaponry/body armor

[*] Can be used to purchase ammo

[*] Can be used to open barricades

[*] Can also be scavenged off of dead infected

[*] Power-Ups

[*] Can drop off of killed infected(Low chance)

[*] Slightly delayed spawn time

[*] Power-Ups shown below

[*] Anti Power-Ups


[*] Ammo Cache

[*] Stored all over every map, these caches can refill your ammo for a reasonable price.

[*] AS Storage Laptop

[*] Stored all over every map, these laptops let you access special consumable items that give players bonuses, abilities, or effects.

[*] Buy-able Weapons

[*] Found all over every map, these allow you purchase certain weapons for a price.

[*] Body Armor

[*] Found in a specific spot on every map, this allows you to absorb extra damage before death for a price.


Power-Ups appear throughout The Final Stand: Breakout to help or hinder players while slaying infected. Eight Power-Ups are available at launch with more coming in the future. Here are some of them:

Cash Multiplier

For 30 seconds all players earn double the cash for killing/wounding infected.

Bonus Cash

Receive an amount of cash that scales with the current round.

Instant Kill

For 30 kill infected die in one bullet regardless of the current round.

Ammo Refill

Refill the ammo of every weapon for all players.

Current Features

[*] 2 survival maps

[*] 13 weapons

[*] 8 Player Matches

[*] Normal Infected

[*] Ammo Cache

[*] Body Armor

[*] AS Station

[*] Consumables

Planned Full Release Features

[*] 8 survival maps

[*] More weapons

[*] 8+ Player Matches

[*] Map editor

[*] Special Infected

[*] More consumables

Why Early Access?

The Final Stand: Breakout does not meet all our requirements for a full release game as there are a lot of features that need to be added in before the game is able to leave Early Access.

Console Release

The Final Stand: Breakout will launch initially on steam but we hope for it to come to next-gen consoles early next year. Should the game release on console Cross-Play and Cross-Progression will be available.

Game Vision

Us at NorfleetWorks love playing Call of Duty: Zombies no matter the game, except Black Ops 4. No matter whether it was Exo-Zombies, Infinite Warfare Zombies, World at War Zombies, ect. Nothing really beats slaying hordes of zombies. One thing we unfortunately noticed throughout the games was a drift from the casual horde slaying into more complex Easter Eggs that overtake the map. These changes put off a lot of us and caused us to stick with more older experiences. Our aim with The Final Stand: Breakout is to recuperate the older feeling of Zombies, one thing that kept us coming back to the newer cods like Black Ops 3 was the custom zombie maps.

Map Editor

Playing custom zombies on PC was a dream as there was infinite content and experiences to explore whether it was someone trying to build a story or a map set in The Bikini Bottom, we always found ourselves having a blast. Unfortunately those on console could never experience custom maps due to a variety of reasons, The Final Stand: Breakout aims to fix this.

We want to get this right so the map editor will not be available at launch but we hope for it to come soon. Unlike other map editor it will no use the Steam Workshop and instead will use a different hosting service. With this players will be able to download maps directly from the game on any platform they chose including console. We are still in talks on what will and will not be in the map editor but what we can say with certainty is that you will not be able to import copyrighted assets into the editor. Instead you will be using curated assets from us, basically any asset we use to develop our official maps. The map editor will also be available on console, you will be able to both play and develop maps on console uniting the experiences across all platforms.

Future Content

All future content including maps, weapons, game modes, etc will be free.


Monetization in games has always been a point of contention so we wish to be as transparent as possible regarding them. In The Final Stand: Breakout there will be one form of currency called Credits. You can earn credits by playing the game along with buying them if you chose to. Some methods of earning credits is by surviving till high rounds or buy escaping. In the future we wish to add gameplay challenges that reward credits as well. Credits are used to purchase consumables that aid you in-game, if you want a comparison think of GobbleGums. Credits may also be used to purchase other things that will be available in the future, think cosmetic items.


1. How much will the game cost?

The game will cost $4.99.

2. Will the game increase in cost after it leaves Early Access?

We are not sure at this moment but if it does it will cost no more than $20.

3. When will the game release?

This has been a point of contention within the team. We would've release the game much sooner but as with the current disasters we are not sure. We will keep our community updated and we are deeply sorry for the frustration we have caused.

4. Are there weapon camos in the game?

No, currently they aren't but this is something we have shown interest in doing later.

5. Purchasing future cosmetics with Credits was mentioned earlier, will that be the only method of unlocking them?

If you mean in terms of unlocking cosmetics through challenges we are not sure. As stated above neither are in the game currently but that is something we could definitely do in the future.

6. Are there leaderboards?


7. How will you combat fake stats on the leaderboard?

We will monitor the leaderboard and delete all fake stats to insure whoever is on there has earned it.

8. Will updates be free?


9. Will there be controller support?

Yes but not at launch, we are shooting for the first update to include proper controller support.

10. Why are the Forums and Contact Us page on NorfleetWorks unavailable?

Due to spam the Contact Us page has been taken down temporarily will be back up soon. As for the Forums we want to keep most of the community in one place for now since the game is only on steam currently. Once it releases on console we will open it again and provide in-game integration so you can be apart of the community while in-game.

11. Are you currently hiring?

No, currently we aren't but if we are we will make an official post.

12. When will the map editor be released?

We are shooting to release the map editor during the console update.

13. Will you be able to developed maps on console and then transfer to PC or vice-versa?


14. Are you working on other projects aswell?

Can't say, our primary focus is The Final Stand: Breakout but we wish to release more titles in the future.

15. How long will support last?

We plan to support TFS:B for a couple of years.

16. Why won't we be able to import custom content into the map editor?

It is like this to help with moderation and because it makes it easier to integrate with consoles.

17. Will I be able to play with my friends on different platforms when the console release comes?


18. Will we only be able to buy credits?

No, you can earn them in-game as well.

19. Are there more gamemodes than survival?

At this current time no. We wish to include more down the road.

18. Will we be able to play with more than 8 people?

Currently only 8 players can play together but we are open to the idea of more.

18. Will TFS:B be like Bo3 zombies?

Yes and no. We are simulating a more classic system with some modern upgrades but the spirit of the mode will be more classical.

19. Are there perks like in zombies?


20. Are there weapon upgrades?

No, we are unsure if we want to add such a feature. Infected health caps at round 31 so your weapons will still be effective into the late rounds. We did not want infected to feel like bullet sponges in late rounds.

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