The Final Stand: Breakout Overhaul Update Part 1

We are excited to share a ton more information on The Final Stand: Breakout Overhaul Update. On this blog we will talk about part 1 of the overhaul update!

Overall Changes


  • Fixed Infected AI to make it more responsive

  • Increased AI difficulty

  • Added super sprinter Infected variant

  • Updated Infected model


  • Added Grenades

  • Added melee

  • Smoother controls & Performance

  • Loading times increased up to 80%

  • 50% performance increase across the board

  • Lowered PC requirements

Quality of Life Features

  • Loading times increased up to 80%

  • 50% performance increase across the board

  • Lowered PC requirements

  • FOV slider

Overhaul Update Part 1

New Features

  • 1 new survival map, Tundra

  • Window barricades to temporarily stop infected

  • Hanger map rework

  • Waste map rework

  • Sentinel map rework

  • Login features

  • Player XP and leveling

  • Multiplayer

  • 8 Player Matches

  • New Map Snowdrop


1. With the overhaul update part 1 will there be a price increase?

No, the game will remain $4.99

2. Why split the update into two parts?

We decided to split the update into two parts to get the overhaul changes out faster.

3. How many maps will be in game after the whole overhaul update?

There will be 5 survival maps in the game. Tundra will drop with part 1 and Descend will come with part 2.

4. Will more game modes be coming in the future?

Yes, more game modes other than survival are in development and will be revealed when they are ready.

5. What happened to armor?

After evaluation we decided that the armor system messes with balance too much so we removed it in favor of balancing infected around 100 health.

6. Will there be plans to increase the player limit?

Currently we feel that 8 players is enough but we are open to discussion.

7. Will the game come to consoles?

We would like for the game to launch on consoles but that is still to be determined.

8. What about the map editor?

We are still working on the map editor behind the scenes and will provide more info as it gets closer to launching it.

9. When will the game leave early access?

The game will leave early access in 2023 Q4

10. Will there be a price increase when the game leaves early access?

Yes, the price will increase to $14.99

11. When will part 2 of the overhaul update release?

That is to be determined.

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